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: Betzefer
Avital Tamir
Matan Cohen
Rotem Inbar
Roey Berman
2005 - Down Low
2011 - Freedom to the Slave Makers
Website and Social Media:
: Beow?lf
Dale Henderson
Stephan Mark Anthony
Christian Olde Wolbers
Rich Rowan
Lost My Head... But I'm Back on the Right Track
2 Cents
Westminister & 5th
Jesus Freak
Website and Social Media:
: Believer
Kurt Bachman
Joey Daub
Jeff King
Kevin Leaman
Elton Nestler
The Return (1987)
Extraction from Mortality (1989)
Sanity Obscure (1990)
Dimensions (1993)
The Chosen Live (2007)
Gabriel (2009)
Transhuman (2011)
Website and Social Media:
: Behind Enemy Lines
Matt Sachs
Dave Trenga
Matt Garabedian
Matt Tuite
Know Your Enemy (2002)
The Global Cannibal (2003)
One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God (2006)
Website and Social Media:
: Battered
Sigurd "Siggy" Olaisen
Frode Glesnes
Aksel Herl?e
Gerhard Storesund
Ole Moldes?ther
Website and Social Media:
: Bathory
Bj?rn Kristensen
Bathory (1984)
The Return (1985)
Under the Sign of the Black Mark (1987)
Blood Fire Death (1988)
Hammerheart (1990)
Twilight of the Gods (1991)
Requiem (1994)
Octagon (1995)
Blood on Ice (1996)
Destroyer of Worlds (2001)
Nordland I (2002)
Nordland II (2003)
Website and Social Media:
: Avenger of Blood
Shannon Frye
Marc Flores
Chris Rodriquez
Mike Videtto
Complete Annihilation (2005)
Death Brigade (2008)
Website and Social Media:
: Autopsy Torment
The Demon
Thomas Karlsson
Daniel Nilssen
Jason Lives (Demo, 1989)
Splattered (Demo, 1990)
Darkest Rituals (Demo, 1991)
Moon Fog (EP, 1992)
Advanced Tape (Demo, 1992)
Nocturnal Blasphemy (Demo, 1992)
The Seventh Soul Of Hell ( 1992)
Orgy With The Dead (2001)
Darkest Rituals (2002)
Premature Torment/Pagan From The Heat (2003)
Tormentorium (2003)
Graveyard Creatures (2005)
7th Ritual For The Darkest Soul Of Hell (2008)
Website and Social Media:
: Austrian Death Machine
Tim Lambesis
Chad Ackerman
Josh Robert
Double Brutal
Total Brutal
Website and Social Media:
: Aura Noir
Aggressor (Carl-Michael Eide)
Apollyon (Ole J?rgen Moe)
Blasphemer (Rune Eriksen)
Dreams Like Deserts ? (1995)
Black Thrash Attack ? (1996)
Deep Tracts of Hell ? (1998)
The Merciless ? (2004)
Hades Rise ? (2008)
Website and Social Media:
: Audiopain
Sverre D?hli
Petter Berntsen
Christian Holm
Contagious (EP, 2000)
1986 (EP, 2000)
Revel In Desecration (EP, 2002)
Audiopain / Mysticum (Split, 2003)
LAVA Dictatorship / Revel In Desecration (Split, 2003)
The Traumatizer (2004)
?berthrash (Split, 2004)
?berthrash II (Split, 2005)
Audiopain / Dead To This World (Split, 2006)
Horns Forward / The Enemy Abroad (Split, 2007)
A Bomb's View (EP, 2007)
The Switch To Turn Off Mankind (2007)
Audiopain / Nekromantheon (Split, 2010)
Website and Social Media:
: Attitude Adjustment
Chris Kontos
Kevin Reed
Eric McIntire
Yapple Rueles
Greg Orr
Dead Serious - 1985
American Paranoia - 1986
No More Mr. Nice Guy - 1988
Out Of Hand - 1991
Website and Social Media:
: Attaxe
Mike Bonaventura
Jim Houle
Todd May
Tim Cason
July 4th EP (demo) (1987)
Unit G EP (1988)
Displaced EP (1989)
Lethal Deception EP (1990)
Banned in L.A
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